Friday, January 8, 2010

the word "Allah"

I feel other nations are laughing at us Malaysia.

It's quite funny that all over the world, "Allah" was used to describe God.
Yet in Malaysia, we're still quarreling over the use of the word. It almost
seem a taboo to use the word.

Its funny, how people think something (regardless if it is an object, service
or even a word) that is commonly used by only them, is theirs for the

(e.g the road in front of your house belongs to the government
not to park your dumb car and hog the rest of the road until it proves
difficult for ONE car to cross the road)

But hey! this is just a piece of my mind!

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Monday, October 19, 2009

Insecurities.. even great people have them! (like me. HEHE)

Sometimes, I wonder why we (the people) have to exist on earth?
What is the meaning of life? Why were we made to experience hurt, anger, pain, sadness, disappointments. Whatever actions that we make, will earth be any different because of it? We are just but termites on the face of earth.

(Pic: taken from bird's eye view, and the white dots are really people looking for fish *in my opinion*)

Sometimes even though we try so hard, we still don't achieve what we work so hard for; which frustrates me to no end. Why is there a need for a universe?

That's why I've thought of ending my life when life I thought was unbearable. Yet, when the thought occurs there's something deep within the petals of the heart pounds furiously at the chest. Insisting and fighting that we must live on! Maybe, our purpose in life is to search for that purpose in life. Maybe, we are put here on earth to polish our rough ends before we reunite with our maker? Just maybe, I could make a difference to the world? Or maybe, we are God's idea of a joke? Then hell, I'll make sure its a God Darn Good Joke!

Now, I'm at the very brink of adulthood. My mama bird is practically pushing and shoving me from the nest pecking and yapping all the way.

(pic: I did not photoshop it *because I dunno how or I'd make my toes better looking*)

There will be many fork roads from thereon, will I be able to choose the best of either roads? Or will I just be stuck at the fork road, forever pondering which road is the better choice? So many questions, so many doubts, so many fears. Yet I think just maybe, just maybe I can make it.. because I have my friends and family who some are crazy enough to follow / guide me..

(pic: jumping in to the water near kelantan)
So even though I will taste the bitterness of life. I think I'll just be alright after a spoonful of friends and family =)
Thank God for my irritating beloved sisters and bully lovable friends!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Power of rape.

I was reading the news just a few days before when I came across a voice clip from BBC news. I just quote a few paragraphs from the news.

"A marhasimani is someone who goes to the club, buys a woman a few beers, then with his friends, he would take that woman and go away and have sex with her," one young man told the BBC on the understanding of anonymity.

"We can't say it's gang rape because, OK, I know sometimes we have to drug the girl and everything, but it does not happen all the time," says another.

"Most of the time when it does happen, the girl is taking some drinks, but she is quite aware of what is happening."

(source: Nikki Jecks, (July 29, 2009). BBC News. Retrieved at 30th July 2009)

Needless to say I was shocked beyond words with what they've said. To them it is the norm to drug a girl to have sex with. It is normal to force a girl into sex. It is NORMAL to pass on STDs to these poor girls?

So I sat an thought for quite a while.. and thank god that I am not born in Africa where 92% of woman have experienced some form of sexual assault before.

Children as young as 14 are performing sexual assaults to children as young as 8. The family of the rape victim then boycotts the victim because the small little girl has brought about disgrace to their family. The young little girl of eight who don't know how big the world is, probably haven't even mastered the mathematics table yet, probably don't even understand why is the family abandoning her. What is the world coming to now?

I implore to all the people out there, teach your children the right from wrong. If you don't know, ask, ask and ask or better find out through the internet or if you don't have internet...

Touch your heart.. will you want this to happen to you or your children?
if the answer is a NO!!!! Do Something!! since they can't speak for themselves.. I urge you people who have a voice to speak for them!

~A thought brought to you by Shirley Cheok~
To see GOD in action, We must be in ACTION ourselves!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1st Blog

Hmm, this is my first post.. I wonder what should I say?

Welcome to my blog, and I hope that I will diligently update my blog at least few days once..